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Chasing Zebras……

There is a warning in veterinary medicine when making a diagnosis: when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras. Horses may be more common, but chasing zebras is much more interesting.

Although I was raised in Seattle, I consider the world my home, nature my religion, and her mountains my altar. Whether snowboarding the Himalayas, tracking rhinos through the Aberdares, chasing the aurora borealis in Jokulsarlon, or trekking through the Northern Rockies, I am happiest when I am living in the now. I relish the warm colors of the autumn, let snowflakes fall on my tongue, savor the sweet smell accompanied by spring rain, and let the warmth of summer permeate my soul. I embrace change with excitement and open arms; after all, the adventure of life is in the journey, not the destination.

I describe myself as an intrepid explorer, a wanderlust, but this is an exaggeration. I was born to be a veterinarian and I’m a fervid photographer, yet my role as a wife and mother completes me. I have an abnormally passionate view about sentient beings, especially animals, children, and insects. I try to be minimalistic and remember the important things in life are those that are loved, capable of loving, and those that are an integral part of the food chain. Mother nature is the paramount creation of our creator. She is too often overlooked and I believe getting back to her roots is necessary for our happiness and survival as her dependents.

Photography has evoked a juggernaut of emotion within me, which is where my passion for this art began. Since that first experience of reliving an exciting moment, or knowing that I captured it, I have been incessantly attempting to photograph my journey. I use photography to see beauty in the world around me, to make sense of the insensible, and to find tranquility in a world of chaos. Photography provides an opportunity to bring light to dark parts of the world by capturing beautiful moments in the most unsuspecting places. It can be used by the artist as a way to educate, to elicit passion and excitement, and to provide a sense of harmony in a world we may not always understand. And so begins the next chapter of my photographic journey as I continue to chase zebras.

Brina L. Bunt
World resident



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